Thirty things Ladies Love to be Told

Before things become well-grounded, ladies met online are likely to need assurances. These might be regarding feelings about both of you, or plans. There are tips on what women love hearing that teaches men what things to avoid saying. 

1. I Love You

Be sure you know what you mean. Use actions to show ladies they are loved.

2. I’m here for you

This includes being there to listen to and hold her.

3. I Need you

It means you cherish the lady from  and want her around.

4. What’s your most memorable moment?

Women love it when men show interest in them. 

5. You look fit

You don’t look fat. Remind them they look good, fit, and healthy.

6. You look good

Compliment her severally but not exceedingly. Keep it simple and precise.

7. What do we do now?

It is important to remind her you are a couple, WE signify everything being done together.

8. I’m not sure, but I’ll try

She has an idea and you don’t get it. That’s okay. Assure her that you will help regardless.

9. I can help

Again, ladies love to hear that you can be of assistance. It shows selflessness if nothing else.

10. I feel…

Sharing feelings shows vulnerability. Women find men open about their emotions attractive.

11. You are sexy

This is an extension of her beauty – it shows you find her EXTREMELY attractive.

12. What do you need to think of…?

Women love knowing their interests and opinions count.

13. I have an idea for this weekend

Men should take control in planning intimate affairs.

14.  Natural is hot!

This may not imply going unshaven, but that you love her without makeup.

15. One of your best traits…

This will have her bracing herself, waiting to hear what you think of her.

16. Time spent with you is priceless

I love being around you means she is a priority, and you enjoy her company.

17. I’ve got you

This means you can handle issues and are capable of tackling problems.

18. Truthfully speaking

Ensure that all of it is true because women love honesty from the onset. 

19. How was your day?

Women love to be asked about their day.  They always have something to share with loved ones. 

20. Sorry about that

If the lady had a dismal day, be empathetic concerning what happened. 

21. Feels like we can talk about everything

This makes her feel you are comfortable around her.

22. I Respect you…

Respect your hustle, tenacity, boldness, and finesse.  It shows appreciation and respect for her.

23. Someone’s checking you out

When it is healthy and said joyfully and playfully it means you appreciate her.

24. What do you require of me?

Show that you care enough to offer your services.

25. Your work is crucial

It speaks volumes too when coming from someone they care for.

26. Thanks for handling it

When women step up and tackle something it is important to show appreciation.

27. It’s just you for me

Letting her know no one else fits your life, as well as her, will make her blush indefinitely.

28. Last night was orgasmic

Letting her know how bombastic last night was is important. She will be ready for more.

29. You’re right

Letting her know that she was on to something shows maturity on your part. 

30. ‘Listening’

It requires sitting in silence and listening to her vent about her day, people, and situations.

Bottom Line

With the above-mentioned statements, one can easily secure their place in a woman’s heart. Be sure to use these phrases sparingly to avoid being seen as desperate or too nice.

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