6 Things to Know Before Renting a Car

Anytime you need to travel farther or need to visit multiple locations, renting a car is more convenient. There are better options than taking taxis and public transport on some days. But when you rent a car, you are responsible to avoid any damage to the vehicle. Before you go for rent, you need to know any hidden costs and regulations that come with it. 

Here are some of the most important things you should know before renting a car.

Take Your Paperwork

Take your driver’s license and other documents with you when you go for rent. For no credit auto rentals, you will need a driver’s license, cash a deposit, and be 25 years or older. Compared to credit card payments offers flexible payment options. 

Make sure that your license is not near the expiry date and you should be eligible to drive the car that you chose. 

Check the Car Exterior

Make sure to check the exterior of the car before you finalize the rental contract. You do not want to be responsible for another person’s neglect and misuse. Check for any dents or scratches before heading out.

Also, familiarize yourself with the car model before you start driving. Take some time to adjust the seat and mirrors according to your preference. Check where the car functions like lights, air conditioning, windshield wipers, and handbrake are located. 

Have a Travel Plan

It is best to have a travel plan before you start heading out. Decide on your locations to budget your time effectively and return the car within the time limit. 

If you are traveling to a new location, you should ask around for popular sites and restaurants. 

Get Full Damage Insurance

Even if you drive safely and think that you are the best driver, you should consider buying full damage insurance. The insurance will help cover any damages in case of an accident. But you will still be held accountable to pay a certain amount on your selected rental vehicle.

Most of the rental car damages are not accidents. It includes damages such as scratches, broken mirrors, or tires. You may find out in the morning that a mirror is missing from the car. Such types of damages are not usually covered by insurance. You can hire a tire change technician to take care of the issue before you return the car. 

Be Careful Where you Park

Make sure to ask your car rental company about the parking regulations. Every place uses its system and you need to know beforehand. 

Some basic regulations are mentioned below:

  • Parking on yellow lines is not allowed.
  • Both parking and stopping are prohibited on yellow lines. 
  • You can park on blue lines by paying the parking meters and displaying the ticket on the dashboard.
  • White lines on the parking slot are reserved for two-wheeled vehicles.
  • If you notice no lines then it means free parking. 

Do not Lose Your Car Keys

Car keys are not the same as they used to be. You can’t just go to a hardware shop to get a new one made if you lost one. Now complex electronics are installed inside the keys that come with sensors. 

You can’t get their copies, instead order a new one from the car manufacturer. This procedure is expensive and you might have to pay extra fees for the car key loss. 

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